Fruits Records is a swiss based music label dedicated to roots music. We started it all in 2014 when we went to Jamaica searching for the forgotten singer I Kong. Together, we recorded the showcase album A Little Walk, part in Jamaica by legendary musicians such as Scully Simms and Dalton Browne and us, part in Europe. It was released in Spring 2015 and marked I Kong’s come back.

During the same sessions, we also recorded the Trod On riddim and released a maxi featuring The Viceroys, Lone Ranger, Prince Alla and Roberto Sanchez. These two releases were the first stones to start building our label in 2015. We then invited I Kong for his first tours in Europe with the Swiss band Najavibes, enlarging our label work to live performance.

Our direction

We love Jamaican roots music from the 60’s ska era to the 80’s rub-a-dub era! We intend to bring our modest contribution to keep it alive bringing together the legends, singers and players of instrument, who made the music we love and younger artists and musicians both from Jamaica and Europe. We work with recording studios and engineers that share our vision of music in order to reach the desired roots sound.

And to be true to the roots… we release all our music on vinyl!

And then?

The Inspirators

After A Little Walk and Trod On, we released The Inspirators, an ambitious project by Mathias Liengme (one of the four founders of Fruits Records) recorded in 2013 in Jamaica and bringing together the legendary musicians Earl “Chinna” Smith, Leroy “Hoursemouth” Wallace, Lloyd Parks and Anthony “Sangie” Davis. Not only they play the instruments on this album but each of them also sings two of the eight tracks. These musicians are well know for their playing but not enough for their singing, The Inspirators project aims at paying a tribute to their hidden talent.

Pass It On by I Kong

One album was not enough for I Kong’s collaboration with Fruits Records. A Little Walk was recorded in one week and I Kong only discovered the instrumentals after they were recorded. This time, I Kong and his Swiss musicians created music together from the first note to build Pass It On. Some songs were built around I Kong’s singing, some were written by I Kong on the top of jam sessions, some were written by band members, the whole emerged from a close collaboration. For Pass It On, I Kong jumps across generations, sharing his singing task with the great Judy Mowatt (from the I-Threes, Bob Marley’s backing vocalist) on Motherless Child, with the legendary Ken Boothe on They Don’t Know, and with the rising stars Raging Fyah on the title track Pass It On.

Out of this album, three songs were released in single or maxi, Motherless Child, Keep Grooving and Pass It On.

Soon coming

Up to now, Fruits Records only released music with Jamaican singers. Our next release will feature the vocal duet The I-Twins from Switzerland with their new album The Master Plan. Out Spring 2017, stay tuned!

Our partners

Recording studios

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